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Submitted at 05:13, Dec 12, 2019
Time Spent: unspecified
Content Level: Safe

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Do Art Daily
Autumn Challenge 2019


i drew this months ago and just spent the last hour trying to fix it
i just like the tiger
Pose is fcking weird but idk how to salvage it anymore lol
I’ll probably redraw sometime today

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konsui 14:00, Dec 12, 2019 No. 4765

Ooo thanks kazoo, I think I might redraw the bottom half completely cuz yeah shit looks fucked 😔

KazooKD 07:33, Dec 12, 2019 No. 4758

The tiger looks really cool, man. O think the pose may look off because of how short the kid's legs are, especially the right one. The tiger's torso also seems a bit short.