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Submitted at 06:33, Dec 2, 2019
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Do Art Daily
Autumn Challenge 2019

Autumn 37 - Pain
Autumn 37 - Pain

Starting out drafts for the comic month challenge. I have the story in mind (same one as last challenge). But god damn, this is still mentally taxing and spiritually painful. Maybe slightly less so, but doesn't mean it doesn't still hurt.

Lucas and I will do our best to pull through this, though.

Oh, right, this whole month is going to be agonizing.
The goals I have this month are:
1. Completion of a long overdue watercolor painting as a holiday gift for somebody.
2. Twenty, fully-polished comic book pages for the Comic Month challenge.
3. Create a painting that gets stolen at least once at my company White Elephant game.
4. Complete various new pieces of DAD functionality and the site visual overhaul (BY CHRISTMAS).
5. Prepare and DM a DnD session with real life friends.
6. Prepare, practice and execute a complex Christmas dinner for my family.

Maybe I'll ditch 3. I'm probably not good enough for that and it might qualify as egotistical or autistic to submit art you created for a White Elephant game even if its meant to be $15-25 scope present value.

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the1banana 00:18, Dec 3, 2019 No. 4355

I agree, and thanks for the encouragement!

Saucy 07:59, Dec 2, 2019 No. 4328

20 pages is alot! you absolutely can't procrastinate on this, do what nessie mentions in his post, if you can meet a daily quota for how much content you need to produce a day, you'll make it through, good luck banana man!