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Submitted at 08:51, Jun 12, 2019
Time Spent: 150 minutes
Content Level: Safe

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Do Art Daily
Spring Challenge 2019
Just Draw!

Just Draw Week 2 Day 5
Just Draw Week 2 Day 5

I hope you're enjoying all these candid, low quality shots of ballpoint and pencil sketches.
Keep expecting the camera to just whip and show some Eastern European girl who couldn't hold her breath long enough. Transition into horror as smoothly as a bus barrelling into a kindergarten.

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Maprower 22:43, Jun 13, 2019 No. 786

Thank you, my friend.
If I get them to being pretty gaseous and watery at the same time, I'll have reached a state I'm happy with. To this end I've been carefully dissolving and eating each sketch after posting here. Still better than a Fillet O Fish.

Vastian 17:23, Jun 13, 2019 No. 784

I think they're pretty solid man. You've been doing a good job.