Latest Patch: 1.0.1 - Minor Fixes (September 22, 2018)
Some cleanup, fixes and small improvements on what NicNac had implemented. Diagnostic tools added.

  • [Important] Free text fields now have html characters escaped and formatted correctly.
  • Fixed avatar sizing issues.
  • Added the fan video made by a dedicated LAS/DAD fan to the Introduction page!

We'll open discussion on topic challenge soon.
Latest Announcement - the1banana (September 22, 2018)
I wanted to have more changes for this update, but I felt like I might as well push out pertinent fixes for the sake of the website first.
I'll be opening a forum for bug fixes/new feature discussion, most pertinently, topic challenges. The slated start of topic challenges will either be the start of the winter season, or the next spring season for aesthetic reasons.
You should expect regular updates from this point forward!