Latest Patch: 1.1.2a - Submission Navigation (March 5, 2019)
Adjustments and quality of life improvements.

  • [CRITICAL] You can now navigate an artist's gallery and all submissions chronologically with the arrow keys. Submissions with a NSFW level higher than the threshold set will not be included. They should not trigger when you are actively typing a comment, but as with all things, please let me know if any bugs.
  • [Important] Site privilege restrictions have been toned down a bit to be less confining.
  • DAD prestiges have been updated with the new privilege adjustments.

More small improvements to follow.
Latest Announcement - the1banana (September 22, 2018)
I wanted to have more changes for this update, but I felt like I might as well push out pertinent fixes for the sake of the website first.
I'll be opening a forum for bug fixes/new feature discussion, most pertinently, topic challenges. The slated start of topic challenges will either be the start of the winter season, or the next spring season for aesthetic reasons.
You should expect regular updates from this point forward!