Latest Patch: 1.1.3 - Birthday Patch! (May 26, 2019)
Several minor improvements. A serious overhaul is coming, too!

  • [Important] You can now edit your display name, which should affect your name as it is displayed everywhere on the site.
  • [Important] Challenges now have NSFW levels. Their corresponding badges will be blocked if the challenge exceeds your content settings.
  • [Important] Fixed an annoying behavior where certain select fields would reset to defaults when editing or refreshing after an error in submission. Now you won't have to double check fields after an error occurs. This applies to the NSFW fields on submissions and challenges, challenge post frequency and prestige.
  • [Important] Updated gems for security compliance.
  • [Important] Nullified alt text on all images so that the ugly AWS code doesn't show up while pictures load.
  • You can now toggle full view and standard view of large submissions by simply clicking it.
  • Formatted challenge entries like submissions (prettier, has username overlay).
  • Fixed the footer. I think.
  • Fixed the challenge view page from crashing when accessed when logged out.
  • Fixed a Firefox-side auto-population bug on the edit password screen.

Continued improvements to the site.
Latest Announcement - the1banana (September 22, 2018)
I wanted to have more changes for this update, but I felt like I might as well push out pertinent fixes for the sake of the website first.
I'll be opening a forum for bug fixes/new feature discussion, most pertinently, topic challenges. The slated start of topic challenges will either be the start of the winter season, or the next spring season for aesthetic reasons.
You should expect regular updates from this point forward!